Work towards a more sustainable future 

Climate neutrality by 2035 – that is our big dream. And we are not only talking about our own activities, we also mean it to include the energy we supply to our customers. Ambitious? Yes, we realise that, but fortunately that ambition flows through the veins of all our 4,000 colleagues. 
Samenwerken om uitdagingen aan te gaan

Accelerate the energy transition 

Eneco is at the forefront of the energy transition, and we want to reinforce and expand our position. Our operations are international: we operate in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • We invest in the large-scale generation of sustainable energy from sun and wind. 

  • Every day, we help customers move towards sustainability with smart products and good advice. 

  • We are reinforcing the entire energy chain, from production to delivery by integrating customers and assets. 

Use your talent 

Eneco offers you the opportunity to work anywhere in our entire energy chain, whether it’s generating, storing, selling or trading energy. Together, we can look for opportunities and innovative solutions. Of course, exploring poses challenges, but we can handle that because this is how we can move one step closer to a more sustainable future every day. 

Our values  

Everyone at Eneco believes in sustainability. However, conviction is not enough, and more is needed to achieve our ambitious goals.  
  • Drive the change: we can only accelerate the energy transition if we do our best, every day.  

  • Deliver the plan: with your contribution, we can achieve our common goal faster.    

  • Support each other: together, we can create an inclusive, safe and fun working environment in which everyone can make optimal use of their capabilities.    

The atmosphere  

If you join us, you will be surrounded by knowledgeable, expert colleagues working in a down-to-earth, friendly atmosphere in which we show support for one another. Whether you work outside on location or in the office, you will quickly become part of the team. Frequent meetings keep everyone involved in what is going on – and that includes going for drinks every now and then.  

Everyone is welcome at Eneco

Our customers are diverse, and so are we. More than 4,000 Eneco talents ensure an open-minded, pleasant culture in which everyone can grow and flourish. This setting allows us to create the ideal breeding ground for creative insights and innovative solutions. We never have enough talent at Eneco, so let us know you are interested and apply. Together, we can aim for sustainability. 

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