Lay the foundations for a climate-neutral planet!

Draft the blueprint for a greener future

Eneco strives to help keep the earth liveable with our One Planet Plan: to be climate-neutral by 2035. Our fast-growing team of Architects play a decisive role in that effort. That’s because, thanks to the innovative digital solutions they’re developing, we and our customers can dramatically reduce our CO2 emissions. So, join us and put your mind to work for the future of our planet.

Be part of a new era

We’ve entered a groundbreaking new stage of the energy transition. The Dutch energy system consists of a rapidly increasing amount of renewable assets – from batteries and electric vehicles to wind farms. Meanwhile, customers are looking for ways to reduce their energy usage.
We need advanced architecture frameworks, smart technological solutions, and future-proof platforms to steer our assets and customers towards radical sustainability.

Join our team of Architects at Eneco

Our team is richly diverse. We have Platform Architects who work on data, integration and the cloud, Domain Architects who translate business objectives into technical support and Enterprise Architects who develop architecture policies and frameworks for the entire organisation. They all have one thing in common: each of them contributes to Eneco’s digital transformation. 

Create innovative solutions

With the growing number of new energy assets like wind farms, solar parks and power storage, the energy market is becoming increasingly complex. So, our Architects are contributing to something entirely new: Eneco’s Virtual Power Plant. This IoT platform allows us to react in real-time, matching our connected capacity to the fluctuating power demand. It supports our energy transactions on European markets and enables us to make better use of renewable power.
"We are not looking for architects that are only engineering a solution, but really are able to combine all these technologies to create something new."


Corporate Enterprise Architect

Add value to your career

Make a real impact with your work

Use your architecture skills to help fight climate change at an international front-runner in the energy sector.

Get ready for the real thing

You’ll not only work towards a concrete objective – a better world for future generations – but also work with tangible objects. You’ll use our wind farms, solar parks and other assets to build the digital mirror image.

Work with the latest tools

Great ambitions demand great tools. So, at Eneco, you’ll work with tools like Azure, Snowflake, Apache Kafka and OutSystems. And you’ll have plenty of room to explore new technologies and improve yourself along the way.

This is your moment

Use your digital skills today to accelerate the energy transition. Come work at Eneco.


Folkert, Chief Information Officer: "If you have the drive to create a meaningful change and seek a workplace where your contributions truly count, working at Eneco can enable you to make a significant impact."

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