Make the energy transition a reality

The energy transition is already well underway, but Eneco wants to go faster. Our mission? Climate neutrality by 2035. That’s why, in the coming years, we are focusing on making our assets more sustainable. We are moving away from gas, building even more wind farms and solar parks, expanding our heating grid and developing innovative storage options for heat and energy

Put a human face on the energy transition

You and your team ensure that the sustainable assets are actually produced and you literally put a human face on the energy transition. You and your colleagues set up major projects and contribute to a liveable future for generations to come. You can make a difference in so many areas.  

Offshore wind

Six Eneco wind farms are working at full speed off the Dutch and Belgian coasts, and the seventh is on its way. The construction of these wind farms, from tender to detailed design and from manufacture to installation, is the work of our specialists at Offshore Wind. Your job is to coordinate and monitor the planning and quality.

Wind and sun on land

Eneco is building wind farms and solar parks on land in public spaces and at business locations. The Renewable Energy Development (RED) team develops these sustainable energy projects. The work entails conducting environmental studies, intensive talks with locals and politicians, making (commercial) agreements with stakeholders: you don’t stop until an investment decision has been made. 
'A new offshore wind farm starts with a rough idea on a beer mat, and you gradually work out the plans down to the smallest detail. Our team is small, but our impact is big.'

Leon, Engineering Manager bij Offshore Wind

Solar panels on large roofs

What do the roofs of Alexandrium Shopping Centre and the Oceanium in Diergaarde Blijdorp have in common? They are both huge solar parks built by Eneco. For the ZonOpDak project, we construct solar parks measuring 10,000 m2 or more, particularly for the large-business market so companies can generate sustainable energy.

Innovative technology for industry

Our industrial customers are also opting for climate neutrality. The Renewable Energy Solutions (RES) team is happy to help them with smart, new technologies, such as large-scale thermal storage for PepsiCo, which retains sustainably generated heat for longer. You are in contact with the customer from day one and lead the project through its conception, design and contract to an investment decision. 

This is what we can offer you

Werk met inhoud

Work with impact

Do you want to show future generations how you helped shape the energy transition? Then this is your chance. The projects that you develop, build and (sometimes) manage are large – in scope and impact.
Alle kans om door te groeien

Avoid the nine-to-five

With your perseverance, courage and entrepreneurship, you can go far. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to improve yourself with more training and education, to learn more about your field, for example.
Werk en privé in balans

A good work-life balance

You will have complete freedom to organise your work flexibly. You work partly from home, at the office, or – depending on your position – at the project location.
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