A sustainable future?

Eneco wants to be climate neutral by 2035. To achieve that ambition, we are working hard to build modern heating grids, wind farms and solar parks. With your technical knowledge, you can play a key role in these operations. Here, you can set up projects for the production of sustainable energy or manage complex operations and technological innovation or you could help the technicians in the field work more efficiently – it’s up to you to choose.

Increase your impact on the world

Whatever you choose, you will be immediately helping to accelerate the energy transition, increasing your impact on the world of tomorrow and making your own career more worthwhile today. 

Innovative projects

As a project leader at Eneco, there’s one thing you know for sure: you need a good dose of perseverance. After all, climate neutrality by 2035 is an ambitious goal. A prime example of this is the work needed for the expansion of the district heating grid. We have ten years to rebuild a hundred-year-old infrastructure, simultaneously adapting large numbers of homes and coordinating the external parties who are working on it.

How do you want to work?

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Come and accelerate the energy transition

Choosing to be climate neutral means looking at all the opportunities available and that mindset is everywhere, in all that we do, whether we are generating, storing, selling or trading energy.
Bijdragen aan de energietransitie

You will have every opportunity to improve yourself

The Netherlands is in transition. Your colleagues are pioneers who never lag behind. However, that means continuous learning and keeping up to date by following courses and follow-up training, keeping up with technological developments and working on your career.
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A good work-life balance

At Eneco, your job will allow you to combine your work and private life with ease. You will work 40% of your hours at the office and 40% at home. For the remaining 20%, you decide where you work best. You choose what suits you best.
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Benefits to make you bloom

We can tell you honestly: this work is tough and very demanding, but at Eneco you will get plenty in return: you will have space for personal growth and great colleagues who, like you, want to lead projects for a sustainable future. 
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