Our employment conditions  

The Netherlands is in transition. Your colleagues are pioneers and never lag behind. However, that means continuous learning and keeping up to date by following courses and training, keeping up with technological developments and working on your career. You will have plenty of opportunities as Eneco gives you plenty of space to improve yourself and work on your career. Your private life is just as important as your job, which is why we are pleased to say we can offer you some very good employment conditions.   

Hybrid work  

Our colleagues work according to the '40-40-20' principle. It means that you work 40% of your hours at the office and 40% at home. As for the remaining day: you decide where you work best. You choose what suits you best, which helps cut down on commutes too. Because we work from home a lot, you will receive an expense allowance or a WFH (working from home) allowance, depending on your contract and we will facilitate an ergonomically sound home workstation.

Every opportunity to improve yourself 

Eneco is fully committed to personal and professional development. As we want to ensure that you have plenty of opportunity for personal growth, we can offer you things like mindfulness training, sparring sessions with a coach and other courses.  

A healthy balance  

Eneco is happy to contribute to your physical and mental health. For example, you can consider taking a year's sabbatical or taking leave to care for your loved ones. As for your physical health, through BedrijfsFitness Nederland, we can offer you discounted rates at over 3,600 sports locations. 

Unlimited travel on public transport including for private journeys

This public transport subscription allows you unlimited travel throughout the Netherlands, even in your free time. This arrangement means that we can help reduce traffic jams and emissions. If you have an appointment that is difficult to reach by public transport, you can use one of the electric cars or e-bikes we have available for that purpose. 

Good pension 

It is a good idea to think about the future. At Eneco, the future is always in our thoughts. That is why we are happy to contribute to your pension and pay 60-70% of your pension premium.  

Flexbudget to use as you wish

In addition to your salary, you will receive a FlexBudget. You decide what you use that money for: it could be anything from extra holiday to an e-bike to cycle to work. 

Collective schemes  

At Eneco, you can participate in attractive collective schemes, such as collective health insurance, accident insurance and disability insurance.  

Young Eneco

Young Eneco is the young professional association for, and by, Eneco employees. If you are under 36 and have you just joined us: sign up now! We meet up regularly to share knowledge and experience and you have the chance to attend special training courses, workshops and excursions that will really help you grow professionally. Of course, there is plenty of scope for fun, too: we organise drinks, a pub quiz and tastings almost every month.

A good feeling

Eneco wants to be climate neutral by 2035 and that includes the energy supplied to our customers as well as our own operations. Choosing climate neutrality means looking at all the opportunities and challenges that exist. That mindset is everywhere, in all that we do. You will be helping our customers to reduce their CO2 footprint. You and your work really matter. Have we caught your interest? We would love to have a (digital) cup of coffee with you. 

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