The data at Eneco is pleasantly complex

Sander Marijt, Data Analyst at the Back Office of Eneco

Three years ago, Sander Marijt started as a Data Analyst at the Back Office of Eneco.  He wanted to contribute to sustainable ambitions, but was also looking for a substantive challenge. And he found it, he says in this blog. His motto: the more data, the better.  

Within Back Office everything revolves around the customer. Although we do not have direct contact, because that is what Front Office does. But we do ensure that the customer data is correctly stored in the system. From agreements and contracts to meter readings and rates for gas and electricity. This way, Front Office can help the customer properly if he or she calls with a question or problem. There are four teams within Back Office: Billing, Market Facilitation, Energy as a Service and Business. I work at Energy as a Service. There I focus on the optimization of processes and systems.

Love for data

After studying Economics and Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, I worked for an innovative start-up for a while. I then started working as a data analyst at a marketing agency, where I managed large telecom and energy companies. I found the complexity of their data very interesting. That's why Eneco seemed like a nice company to me. All those different households, connections, rates: there is so much data. I find it a great challenge to make this clear and transparent. 

Reports and pilots

My work actually consists of two main streams. First of all, there are the ongoing activities, such as making reports on invoicing. Are invoices sent out on time and are they correct? Sometimes this involves a one-off order, for example when the VAT rate on solar panels was temporarily reduced. Then I have to check whether that has been implemented correctly.  

The other part of my work revolves around the innovative pilots that Eneco develops for consumers. After the technical department has set up a new product or service, we check whether it works well behind the scenes: are the systems correct and the data is coming in properly? Smart thermostat Toon was once such a pilot, for example. We are currently working on a pilot with dynamic energy prices.  

The customer will then see the current gas and energy rates via the app. For example, electricity is often cheaper during the day because there is a greater supply of sustainable energy via wind and sun. If the rate is favorable, we will send a push message to the customer: 'This is a good time to do some laundry!' 

We are doing this pilot with seventy customers. That is a manageable number to check whether everything is properly entered into the system. Because you can imagine that such a dynamic rate also generates a lot of data, which must then be processed properly to determine the correct invoice amount. If everything goes well behind the scenes, we will give the 'go' and we can turn the pilot into a regular service. 

Blood, sweat and data

I really enjoy participating in these innovative pilots. But I can also enjoy it when another dashboard is ready. In such a dashboard we connect systems together, so that you can view and compare different data flows at a glance. This way you can detect an error in the system more quickly and new insights will emerge. My team often spends months building a dashboard. So it takes quite a bit of time - but if it all works, it gives a lot of satisfaction within the entire organization. 

Learning from colleagues

I have developed considerably over the past three years, purely by doing many different projects. You always have to find new solutions for other problems. I also learn a lot from my colleagues. There are sometimes sessions with other data analysts in which we update each other about certain techniques or processes. I also work a lot with process experts and functional managers. My team is nice and diverse, which makes my work extra fun. 

Cracking data, making an impact

I feel completely at home here at Back Office. And if I ever need something different, I know that there are still plenty of opportunities within Eneco to develop further. This is truly a company where you can come into your own and make an impact in the sustainable field. Eneco's ambitions are clear: becoming climate neutral by 2035. I enjoy working at a company that is at the forefront of the energy transition. So yes, for now my future is here.  

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