Taking the initiative in the energy transition with innovative technology

Hugo Vitters (1964 ), team manager Smart Operations

From inspiration to innovative ideas

Realizing the energy transition by implementing new technologies. That has inspired me since my first day at Eneco. From that inspiration, I realized several innovative ideas together with a team I formed myself. Consider coordinating supply and demand in Eneco's heating networks. We made a concrete plan to save as much energy as possible. I am proud that I can contribute to this at Eneco. And that my team uses experience, insights, creativity and professional knowledge every day to make the puzzle pieces fall into place. 

Responsible for monitoring and keeping production operational

Our Asset, Control and Steering department is responsible for monitoring and keeping applications connected to our IoT platform operational. For example, smart meters or sensors with which we can ensure the supply of energy to our customers. And also for all kinds of innovative, digital services that we provide to our customers. We can use wind and solar farms to better balance supply and demand in the volatile electricity market by connecting them to our IoT platform. 

Using smart technology

Part of my team is responsible for setting up methods to improve the performance of our heating networks. For example, by making pumping stations and delivery stations smarter with sensors. IoT technology also plays an important role here. By smartly analyzing the data obtained, we can increase the efficiency and reliability of our energy supply.  

Finally, we also play a role in the operational coordination between our heat suppliers and the dispatch of heat across our large heat networks in Rotterdam and The Hague. With this we improve security of supply to 100,000 customers. We do this together with colleagues at Uniper, AVR and other heat producers. We also ensure that the correct quantities of heat are ordered and delivered in accordance with the contracts with our suppliers. We make optimal use of industrial residual heat. 

Getting energy from working with energy

I am proud that I can lead and further shape this team every day. Everyone has their own focus area and we continually provide each other with new ideas. It is important that we encourage each other and give each other the opportunity to get the best out of yourself, in an informal and relaxed working atmosphere. I also try to stimulate personal development and growth. I literally get energy from working with energy.  

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