'Sustainability is in the DNA here'

Sacha van Geene, Manager Heat Chain Processes

Within the energy transition, sustainable heat generation is a hot topic. This topic is therefore high on the agenda at Eneco. This also applies to Sacha van Geene, Heat Chain Processes Manager. Her green heart starts beating faster because of the project she is working on: 'It feels good that my work has an impact.'  

'It has been four years since I looked for a job with a social contribution. When I heard about Eneco's sustainable plans, I thought: this is what I am looking for. Eneco has the ambition to become climate neutral by 2035 and I completely agree with that. We must act now to keep the planet livable. And I'm happy to help with that.'

I'm excited about this

'To become climate neutral, in addition to 100% green energy, sustainable heat is also a must. More than half of the energy used in the Netherlands is used for heat. The problem is that this heat is mainly generated using fossil sources, such as natural gas. Smart and sustainable heating solutions are therefore needed. For example, sustainable heating networks. Eneco already manages various heating networks in the Netherlands, to which entire residential areas are connected. We are now busy making the heat sources of the existing networks more sustainable, so that gas is no longer used. In addition, we are increasingly installing new heating networks for new construction projects, because it is a good alternative to individual, gas-fired central heating boilers.'  

'An example of such a new sustainable heating network is WarmtelinQ. This is an underground transport pipeline, built by Gasunie, with which Eneco will soon be able to transport residual heat from the port of Rotterdam to sustainably heat homes and companies in South Holland. Together with my team I work hard to realize this. And yes, I am very proud of that. It is special to contribute to a project with such great social benefit. Because with WarmtelinQ we are really contributing to a greener Netherlands. Together we literally ensure that our heating network in The Hague and surrounding areas becomes CO2 neutral. This marks another step towards Eneco's mission, “Sustainable energy for everyone”.  

This can be done in a more sustainable way

'What I do? Together with my team, I ensure that all WarmtelinQ activities are coordinated. This is desperately needed, because it is a very dynamic and complex market. There must therefore be proper consultation with municipalities, housing associations, residents and customers. Consider convincing companies and project developers how sustainable a heating installation can be. But also: have alternative heat sources developed in time. We deal with many different disciplines. From commerce to construction and from colleagues who arrange subsidies to colleagues who recruit customers. That makes every working day challenging and varied.' 

Green fever

'Many people are familiar with the green facade of Eneco's head office. It is a real eye-catcher because of the 25,000 plants that purify the air and insulate the building. But I have noticed in recent years that sustainability is not just about the outside here. With all decisions we make, we ask ourselves: does it contribute to our climate-neutral ambition? It really is in the DNA of the company and you automatically become infected with it. Everyone here walks around with a sustainable water bottle. And during lunch - together with sports and the experiences of the weekend - sustainable solutions such as solar panels are the topic of discussion.'  

'Besides the fact that it feels good to do work with impact, I think Eneco is a very nice employer. Here you have the freedom to develop yourself with internal training and workshops, organize your work as you want and work from home on days that suit you. And not unimportant: the people who work here are enthusiastic and ambitious. That makes it a very inspiring working environment.'  

Sacha van Geene 

Manager Heat Chain Processes  

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