Behind the scenes of the Eneco app

Sven van Dam, UX-designer

Thousands of customers use Eneco's apps every day. UX designer Sven ensures that the apps are easy to use. In doing so, he helps our customers save energy, take energy-saving measures and contribute to the energy transition. In this blog he gives a look behind and on the scenes.  

Without getting lost

Imagine using an app to track your energy consumption, such as the Eneco app. As a UX designer, I am responsible for the UX (User experience) and the design of the app. I ensure that it is easy to use and that you can easily find all the information you need, such as your usage data. Together with my team, we design and maintain Eneco's apps in such a way that our customers do not get lost in confusing menus or buttons.

A day in the life of…

A day in the life of a UX designer? Our working days are always different. Sounds cliché, but it is so very true.  

I usually start with a good cup of coffee and checking emails. We then have a day start in which we discuss projects and come up with solutions as a team. Then new challenges, meetings, brainstorming sessions, design reviews, urgent assignments and team meetings await. I also draw up the first wireframes that I discuss with the product owner or the developers of the app. We transform rough sketches into a flashy design.   

Then I go to our UX researchers to discuss how we can make them even sharper.  

In between, I have a nice lunch with my team, discuss our evening plans with my colleagues (we also have a life outside the office, right?) and we talk about the latest tools and trends.  

At the end of the day, I cycle home with a good feeling. Already curious about the new challenges of tomorrow. 

Something simple is not simple

It is not always easy to come up with something simple for a new or complex part. But of course I think it's great when that works. And especially if we have received feedback through a survey that we are on the right track.  

When a project is completed and the final product is launched, it's crazy to see how my designs can help our customers. In addition, it is of course great that this also has a positive impact on the way people deal with energy and the environment. That's why I do it!  

In the first row

Eneco is always developing and implementing innovative technologies for the energy transition. And as an employee you can contribute to this! You really have a front row seat. How cool is that?

That also helps me 

What I like about my work is that customers really use what I make. The challenge is that it must be usable and understandable for everyone. Ultimately, I help our customers save and become more sustainable. How beautiful is that? And a double win, because I have been a customer myself for years, so it also benefits me.

Work and private life

At Eneco everything is negotiable and much is possible. For example, I wanted to work at the office a number of days a week and work at home a number of days. That's taken care of. Really great. I now have a nice balance between work and private life. On my days working from home, I take the kids to school without having any travel time afterwards. Nowadays I go for a run during my break. And that's so nice! 

Typical Eneco

What I said before; no day is the same. Recently I even stood in front of the camera. Very exciting, but also quite an experience. And this is not every day, but it is typical of Eneco. That they ask their own employees to participate in this instead of actors. So that everyone can see who we really are and what kind of company Eneco is. No fake world. That's what makes working at Eneco so great.

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