Our drive for sustainability

Here at Eneco, everyone works very hard to achieve our primary mission: climate neutrality. We help our customers make a faster switch to sustainable options and share their search for opportunities and innovative solutions. Our drive for sustainability is something everyone in the company believes in. Of course, our pioneering work poses challenges, but we can handle them. And every day brings us one step closer to a more sustainable future. 

What drives you?

If you enjoy your work, you perform better and then everyone benefits: you, your team, Eneco and your home life. That’s why we believe it is important to that you can find the right balance between your work life and your private life. Eneco allows you plenty of space for career development and personal growth, which means that we also support flexible working hours and working from home if your job allows.
‘The VPP is a big step into getting renewables, distributed assets, and new asset types integrated into the complex energy landscape.’


Product Manager

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