Integration engineer

  • You will have the opportunity to work on complex integration challenges with cutting-edge technologies such as Apigee Edge and Kafka.

  • This role provides the opportunity to develop into a more strategic and stakeholder-focused position while continuing to work on technical configurations. This allows you to refine both your technical expertise and soft skills.

  • You become part of the frontrunner in the energy transition, where you contribute to a more sustainable future by building the growth and development of Eneco's integration platforms.

Why choose for Eneco?

At Eneco, we are diligently working towards a smarter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. We have an ambitious "One Planet" strategy, aiming to be climate-neutral as an organization along with all our customers by 2035. This entails providing innovative digital capabilities and intelligent solutions to achieve these goals. Simultaneously, we focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, fostering personal growth, and prioritizing customer orientation.

At Eneco, our aim is to make a difference together and create a more sustainable future for everyone. We believe in the joy of work, personal development, and removing barriers for customers to embrace sustainability. As pioneers in the energy transition, we embrace new technologies and strive for an exceptional online customer experience. Collaborating with our team of digital experts, we modernize our chat, app, and web environments to offer a superior digital customer experience. At Eneco, you are not only part of an inspiring mission but also have the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future!

What you’ll do

  • Supporting DevOps teams: You are the primary point of contact for integration issues for development teams, guiding them in creating new features on the Kafka and Apigee platforms.
  • Continuous development of platforms: You are involved in improving and expanding the capabilities of the Kafka and Apigee platforms, taking into account the changing needs of various teams.
  • Optimizing user experience: Ensuring that the platforms are configured in a user-friendly manner and available so that other teams within the organization can work independently.
  • Collaboration with external partners: Working closely with external partners, such as Conclusion, responsible for management tasks. Ensuring efficient collaboration and that our partners provide the necessary support.
  • Technical support and advice: Focusing on the management and operation of Kafka and API proxies and infrastructure in the field of cloud technology. Providing advice on the best use of the platform and assisting in finding the right solutions.

Is this about you?

  • You have a minimum of 4 years of experience in similar roles as an integration or platform engineer.
  • You have experience with Agile work methods (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.).
  • Additionally, you possess strong oral, written, and presentation skills, along with excellent proficiency in the English language.

You have technical experience with:

  • Kafka
  • RESTful APIs, Swagger/Open API specifications, Apigee Edge
  • Azure DevOps (Git, pipelines)

It would be great if you have experience with:

  • IAM: Azure Active Directory and Okta
  • Knowledge of other integration solutions such as Azure Integration Services

You’ll be responsible for

  • Ensuring that other teams can work easily.
  • Managing, configuring, and further developing Eneco's own Kafka streaming platform.
  • Assisting our organization in transitioning to a self-service platform organization.
  • Stakeholder management involving both IT and business, as well as external parties.

This is where you’ll work

You work in a team of 6 engineers, collaborating to ensure that the other engineering teams within Data & Technology Services (DTS) can operate as smoothly as possible.

What we have to offer

Gross annual salary between €55.000 and €80.000

Including 8% holiday allowance, a good pension and parental leave.

FlexBudget on top of your gross salary

Have it paid out, use it to buy extra holiday days or save it up for something nice - it's up to you.

Personal and professional growth

Eneco is fully committed to help you in your personal and professional development.

Hybrid working, at home or in the office

You work 40% at the office and 40% at home. The other day you decide what works best for you.
Werken bij Eneco is voor iedereen

Work that works for you and the climate

If you decide on a career at Eneco, you are choosing ambition, growth and opportunities. You will have all the space you want to improve yourself and do your job the way that suits you best, which includes having a good work-life balance. You can work to a flexible schedule and work partly from home if your role allows it.
That is how you can work on your own future and on the future of the world. After all, you and your 4,000 colleagues are committed to our mission: climate neutrality by 2035. We assist customers to accelerate their sustainability efforts, devise innovative solutions and seize opportunities with both hands. Are you ready?

The stages of our application procedure:

Want to know more about this job function?

We understand that you may want to learn more before taking the next step in your career. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to our recruiter, Mark van Dommelen. Whether you have questions about the interview process, the specific duties and responsibilities of the role, or are simply curious about the company culture, we are here to answer all your inquiries.

For the recruitment of this position, we prefer to handle the process internally and do not wish to collaborate with external parties.

Questions about the application procedure

Feel free to contact our recruiter:

Mark van Dommelen


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